The Bespoke Collection was founded & created in 2005 by Julie Ockerby in part to represent a specially curated collection of products and brands. Its beginnings though started off as marketing consultation and representation company of several boutique brands in the hospitality, legal, and real estate industries for domestic and international clients.

As time has evolved, The Bespoke Collection is now purely a brand and business that creates specially thought out collections of fabrics, furniture and other curios. As the business inspirationally grows so will its collection. Today, it is firmly known as The Bespoke Collection Australia to signify where this brand was created and operates from.

The Bespoke Collection Australia inaugural fabric range has been 8 years in the making. Using this length of time to ensure the range would have a market presence and carefully curating colours that will hold the design and carry through changes in trends.

In June 2019, the first collection will launch a Signature Plains range and 4 key ranges denoting various inspirational landscapes and styles. Names of colours have been synonymously chosen to reflect various influences in Julie’s design journey. They are a culmination of her cultural heritage and love of travel, food and wine.